22nd July 2024


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Standard Lesotho Bank offers clients M11 million in cashback rewards
22nd July 2024


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Ministry of Health Lesotho: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Standard Lesotho Bank launches groundbreaking M11 million cashback rewards for loyal customers footer
Standard Lesotho Bank launches groundbreaking M11 million cashback rewards for loyal customers footer
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Department: Disease Control Directorate: National TB Programme Job title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Responsible to: NTP Manager/M&E Manager (PMU)

a) Background
The Global Fund is a key partner to Lesotho in the fight against HIV and TB, with cumulative
investments of over US$300 million since 2003, helping to contain the epidemics and scale-up access to critical prevention and treatment services. From that time to date, the country responses to both TB and HIV have reached great achievements.

Lesotho is one of the 30 high TB burden countries in the world with an estimated annual incidence of 788 TB cases per every 100,000 population. Seventy four percent of TB cases are co-infected with HIV. TB treatment success rate has not gone beyond 74%, TB case fatality ratio is high and only a small proportion of TB re-treatment cases are offered testing for drug resistant TB bacilli.

The mortality rate in TB/HIV co-infected TB patients is 223 per 100,000 population. Additionally, MDR-TB is on the rise with 3.2% and 6.8% of new and retreatment respectively TB cases are estimated to have MDR-TB. Despite Lesotho’s high burden of TB, TB/HIV and MDR-TB cases, the TB case detection rate is 49% which means more than half TB are not diagnosed and treated.

b) Job Summary
Under the general supervision of the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer will serve as main focal person for all M&E related activities for the Ministry of Health – National TB Programme. S/he will assist and report NTP Manager regarding M&E implemented activities. S/he will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the implementation of M&E plan of the Programme. The use of process evaluation for continued improvement of National TB Programme operations will be an additional role.

c) Scope of Work
The incumbent will work as part of NTP Staff under the supervision and guidance of the Programme manager. The M&E officer will have the following duties:
1) Lead development of M&E) plan of NTP and harmonise the work
plans for each project that are supporting the programme as well as overseeing the review of the implementation of the programme and be the focal person for coordination between NTP programme level M&E and projects level M&E

2) Be responsible for sourcing up-to-date data for TB and TB/HIV data directly from all implementing Organisations as per M&E plan. 3) Develop quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports for NTP.

4) Support technical work such as reviewing M&E methods,
carrying out training needs, designing M&E tools, and advising M&E technical assistance.

5) Ensuring mentoring and training of NTP team to foster capacity building on M&E knowledge.

6) Participate in workshops, seminars, Strategic Information
committees’ meetings to identify gaps and weaknesses in M&E and plan appropriate actions for improvement.

7) Analyze routine reporting data and conduct periodic
dissemination meetings to present results of the implementation of programme activities.

8) Meet regularly with NTP staff and other stakeholders as
appropriate to identify issues and to report programme accomplishments and challenges.

9) Ensure quality control of routine M&E outputs and participate in the design, development of the protocols, data collection tools, data verification techniques, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks conducted under evaluations in the NTP.

10) Participate in supportive supervision, Data Quality Audits (DQA) and Routine Data Quality Assessments (RDQAs).

11) Participate in research and evaluations.

12) Serve as the evaluation team member of selected evaluations conducted under NTP.

13) Oversee and participate in evaluations and assessments of NTP. Review and provide technical advice related to different frameworks and indicators in the NTP M&E Plan.

14) Accomplish other tasks related to monitoring and evaluation as per the need of programme as assigned by NTP manager.
d) Duration of Assignment
4 months contract, dependent on performance
e) Required Competencies
In addition to the above, the successful candidate is expected to demonstrate

the following competencies:
Excellent data analytical skills and interpretation. S/he must have ability to write clearly and concisely and have sound quantitative and qualitative skills.
Ability to use data to critically assess the performance of health systems or Programme, to identify key challenges and solutions. Experience in project management, managing and capacitating other personnel under s/he supervision.
Lead and Innovate – encourages and works with others to identify, incubate, and implement relevant solutions.
Possess excellent technical skills in socio-economic research and programme and project performance assessment.
6) Familiarity with latest development in monitoring and evaluation practices
Strong communication and facilitation skills and ability to establish good working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders in a sensitive environment. S/he must be able to respond quickly to requests for information.
8) S/he must demonstrate strong interpersonal and motivational skills and sensitivity to the different environment as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision.
Shares new insights based on in-depth understanding of the Ministry of Health and recommends solutions for current and future needs.

Experience and Qualifications
1) Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences/Demography/Statistic and Postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation will be an added advantage.
2) Five years Minimum working experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of TB and HIV Programmes
3) Minimum three years working experience in Monitoring and Evaluation in the Public Health field.
4) Minimum three years working experience in donor funded Programmes.

2. Echo Project Coordinator
Reports To: The Director Disease Control Ministry of Health Lesotho. Job Purpose: to improve the capacity and skill of healthcare workers in Lesotho to provide best practice care for underserved, vulnerable people.

To lead the planning, oversight, implementation, and direction of adapting the University of Mexico ECHO model for use in public health chronic diseases of concern and pandemics.

Roles And Responsibilities:
Under the general supervision of the Director Disease Control Ministry of Health Lesotho, the Echo Project Coordinator is responsible for.
Leading the development, implementation and maintenance of project short/long term goals and plans.
Facilitate he national roll-out of Tele-ECHO and development of framework.
Provide tele mentoring through ECHO and calling for various clinical cases to be discussed.
Identify and coordinate subject matter expert to lead
discussion of clinical cases or lead didactic sessions.
Review content of various didactic presentations Collaborating with the Regional ECHO Consortium (Zambia, Botswana, Eswatini and Mozambique), of Health Lesotho program managers and external stakeholders to identify project goals and objectives.
Support the implementation of the Southern Regional ECHO COVID19 curriculum.
The management and supervision of all ECHO project human resource (ECHO managers, facilitators, IT officers and others).
Managing the working relationship between the ECHO project team, Ministry of Health Lesotho, and other stakeholders (Project
Management Unit-Ministry of Finance Lesotho, CDC, The Global Fund and WHO.
Supporting the development and update of educational/curriculum material.
Conducting onsite and virtual trainings to recruit new hub.
Prepare concept notes or proposals for expansion of ECHO Hubs and Spokes and improve functionality.
Support the facilitation of tele ECHO clinics.
Representing the Ministry of Health Lesotho at forum relating to the ECHO program.
Any other duties/responsibilities for the successful implementation and functioning ECHO program.

1. Development of annual ECHO program operational plan.
2. Documented annual performance appraisals of all ECHO project staff.
3. Monthly, quarterly, and annual ECHO project training reports.

4. Biannual review and updated ECHO curriculum.
5. Expansion of ECHO beyond the HIV/TB program to include other key MOH departments like Family Health, Clinical Services, Lab etc.

Medical Doctor-Bachelor of Medicine, Master in Public Health will be an added advantage.
A minimum of 5 years professional experience.
Immersion training on tele-ECHO is an added advantage.
Demonstrated human resource and administration experience. Demonstrated experience facilitating and conducting healthcare worker trainings, supportive supervision and mentorship.

Ability to lead and make independent decisions.
Can lead large diverse teams of professionals.
Capable of conducting HIV research and analysis of program impact indicators.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Can work under pressure.
Strong interpersonal skills.

Ministry of Health Headquarters/all districts.
Work beyond working hours and weekends as needed.
MDR-TB Medical Officer for National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP) Background
MDR-TB is also a threat in the form of Tuberculosis epidemic, which has shown rapid increase over past five years.

With increasing capacity to test using rapid DST method in a form of Xpert MTB/RIF ultra, more MDR or RR cases are diagnosed. Partners in Health has been supporting Ministry of Health with the operations of the MDR-TB hospital since inception in 2007.

The Global Fund joined the efforts and absorbed the operation costs and anti TB medicines while PIH remains a technical arm of the programme.

The original support for establishing programme and testing facilities was from partnership with WHO, PIH, URC, FIND and the old leprosy hospital was refurbished and turned into MDR-TB ward.
The NTP is severely understaffed, with no Officer assigned to coordinate the implementation of sub-programmes such as MDR as expected.

There is an urgent need to have a dedicated Medical Officer who will work with the NTLP to ensure coordination of MDR-TB activities. This will also prepare the Ministry of Health to independently run Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB beyond PIH support. An additional Medical Officer will enhance overall programme performance and improve the quality of services.


Should be a dedicated Mosotho doctor, experienced and interested in working with MDR/XDR-TB and ready to travel in and outside the country.
Scope of work:
With the NTLP Manager assist in coordination and monitoring of MDR- TB services between NTLP and PIH
Facilitate the implementation Global Fund grants and other grants focusing more on MDR services in the country.
Coordinate the decentralization of MDR-TB services in the districts. Participate in patient care and management at the MDR-TB hospital. Participate in supervision of districts with the PIH team on weekly bases.
Be involved in data recording and reporting of MDR-TB patients and providing feedback to NTLP and WHO
Participate in capacity building of other health care workers through training and support supervision.
Participate in research activities of the programme.
Facilitation of the MDR-TB programme
Participation in the TB/HIV Technical Advisory Committee
Provision of regular updates on the program and service delivery
Participate in guidelines development.
The officer shall report to the NTLP Manager
Application Instructions

Submission Interested Candidates should submit applications accompanied by detailed CVs and certified copies of their academic and training certificates, certified copy of their National Identity Card and full names and contact details of 3 Referees.

Applications MUST be submitted by email ONLY to senate.lerotholi@ gov.ls. Applications Must be submitted on or before 12h00 on 8th December 2023. Late submissions shall not be considered.
Only shortlisted and successful candidates will be contacted within two weeks from submission deadline. If you do not receive a call and email from us, consider application not successful

Standard Lesotho Bank launches groundbreaking M11 million cashback rewards for loyal customers footer
Standard Lesotho Bank launches groundbreaking M11 million cashback rewards for loyal customers footer


Standard Lesotho Bank launches groundbreaking M11 million cashback rewards for loyal customers footer